Sometimes I wonder what’s wrong with professional movie critics. I see a terrific film and assume it will get good reviews and sometimes that happens, but not with this film. Now I’ll admit that I’m an Apple afficionado. That’s all I’ve had since 1986, Macs, IPods, IPads, IPhones, anything that Steve Jobs was a part […]

The Butler as I See It

I just read Norm’s description/critique of The Butler and I agree with most of what he says. But I would like to emphasize that the film is so much more than what happened to one family. Many of us lived through the Civil Rights Eras of the 50’s and 60’s and all the events that […]

Anna Karenina

I’ll admit it. I’m frustrated that I’ve been sold out of Lincoln twice already. I’ve received friendly advice to buy my tickets on-line, but does that really help? We still have to get there very early so that we can get decent seats and we end up with no room for coats, never mind elbows. […]

The Master vs Argo

As a retired social studies teacher, I tend to like movies that are based on real events or that are period pieces that show how people lived in other time periods like the old Ivory-Merchant movies. Recently I watched two movies that I thought were historical in nature. The first was “The Master,” the story […]

Two Movies to Consider

For those of you who are movie fans, it’s no secret that this was not the best  summer for good movies.  In fact the two best movies I saw were in French with subtitles.  Monsieur Lazhar  is the story of a class of middle schoolers in Canada who face a horrifying situation when their teacher commits […]