The Butler as I See It

I just read Norm’s description/critique of The Butler and I agree with most of what he says. But I would like to emphasize that the film is so much more than what happened to one family. Many of us lived through the Civil Rights Eras of the 50’s and 60’s and all the events that followed. I could read about it forever, but the degradation that that one scene at the lunch counter portrayed was more graphic and eye-opening than anything I had ever seen. Did I know it had happened? Yes. But what an impact to see it with my own eyes. Do I think that students should see this? Absolutely! But I disagree with Norm over his rating it second to Lincoln. I don’t think that most students will last through Lincoln. I really think it’s too cerebral and hard to relate to for most students and adults, also. I watched the audience when I saw Lincoln. They had gone, so there was an interest in the subject. But so many looked bored at the end. When I saw Lee Daniel’s The Butler, the audience clapped at the end. How often does that happen? It is a terrific film and a terrific learning tool.

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