Africans Resist Colonialism: The Mau Mau Story

Tuesday, Executive, 8:30–10:15nerc46-presbanner

Africans Resist Colonialism: The Mau Mau Story

Breeana Elliott and Barbara Brown, Boston University African Studies Center, Boston MA

Contrary to the fanatical descriptions offered by British media—“frenzied terrorist(s) sworn as killers in savage blood-drinking rituals!” –the Mau Mau uprising united much of what would become Kenya and inspired the movement for independence. The Mau Mau served as an example of effective and orchestrated African resistance to the injustices of colonialism. This clinic teaches that a focus on the Mau Mau in the classroom gives voice and power to Africans in an area of study where there is often none.

Target Audience: Middle, High School Teacher Training/Certification

Strand Identification: World History, International Studies

Materials and Resources: