NERC46 – Tuesday April 5



The session-title links below lead to the individual sessions which are derived from the conference preview booklet (pdf format). The booklet contains the complete three day schedule and information about Monday and the keynote speakers. This page and the similar one for Wednesday offer you more information about the individual sessions to help you plan for NERC46 (April 4-6, 2016).

You may also explore the sessions by their tracks or “strands.”

The final booklet will also contain these descriptions, but here you can get a preliminary look at the session details.

(The sessions are subject to change. Use these linked pages as a guide to your conference experience.)

Tuesday Clinic Sessions – 8:30-10:30

Africans Resist Colonialism: The Mau Mau StoryExecutive
Civic Learning and Civic Engagement in the 21st CenturyBrookfield
Conferring with Students: Using Teacher-Made Feedback SurveysSeminar I
Connecting Classrooms to the Community Through Service-LearningDanforth
Creating Educational Songs and Videos as a Class ActivityExecutive
Inquiry and the New Connecticut Social Studies FrameworksAbbingon (cancelled)
Changing the Narrative About Native Peoples in New England – Abbington (Extended time Clinic Moved from Monday)
Teaching about Reconstruction: The Fragility of Democracy – Brimfield
The Big History Project – Seminar II

Tuesday Session 1 – 1:45-2:45

The First Step: School DesegregationSeminar II
Creating a Caring Community of LearnersCharleton
Creating Global Connections – Cheshire
Engaging Student Interest Through Simulations – Brookfield
Evaluating the Impact of History and Government on Community – Brimfield
How to Read Like a Historian: Strategies to Read Historical Documents – Abbington
The Economic Consequences of Racial Discrimination – Danforth
Using Primary Sources to Understand the American Eugenics Movement – Seminar I
What If Everything You Knew About Hinduism Was Wrong – Danforth
World War I, Veterans’ Day and Its Centennial – Executive

Tuesday Session 2 – 3:00-4:00

Baseball in the ClassroomSturbridge
Building America’s Neighborhoods: Sears and Roebuck’s Mail-Order Catalog Homes 1908-1940Brimfield
Can You Dig It? Teaching Ancient Civilizations with Projects – Brookfield
Making History “Real” Concrete: Capturing the Abstract – Abbington
Teaching World War II Through the Fallen
– Cheshire
Using Geography to Study Communities – Charlton
Using Primary Sources to Understand the American Eugenics Movement – Seminar 1
What Were the Unintended Costs of Truman and the Bomb, Obama Attacking ISIS? – Danforth
World War I, Veterans’ Day and Its CentennialExecutive