Conferring with Students: Using Teacher-Made Feedback Surveys

nerc46-presbannerTuesday, Seminar I, 8:30–10:15

Conferring with Students: Using Teacher-Made Feedback Surveys in the History/Social Studies Classroom

Irene S. LaRoche, Amherst Regional Middle School, Amherst, MA

Robert W. Maloy, College of Education UMASS Amherst

This workshop describes ways for social studies teachers to use teacher- and student-made feedback surveys to build knowledge, engagement, and democratic learning in middle and high school classrooms. Drawing on our experiences using student feedback and supporting new teachers in using feedback surveys over the past five years, participants will learn how to design surveys, implement them, and respond to feedback in ways that honor student voices and create democratic learning communities in the classroom.

Target Audience: Middle, High School, Teacher Training/Certification, Administrators/Department Heads

Strand Identification: Civics/Government, Education Issues, Frameworks/Assessment