The Living Biography

nerc46-presbannerWednesday, Seminar II, 2:30–3:30

The Living Biography

Leslie Williams, Quinn Middle School, Hudson, MA

This session describes the process by which middle school students “become” a historical figure who has changed or affected (in a positive way) the course of history. This rigorous process begins with each student justifying that their choice is historically significant, research into the details of their person’s life, with particular emphasis on the historical significance, creating a costume and pose emblematic of their person (i.e.: Jackie Robinson holding a bat in a stance simulating a swing), a five-paragraph essay centering around the essential question, “What is your person’s legacy to the community and/or the world,” and the culminating activity of the project: our annual “Living Biography” Day where our community, both in school and outside (family, community members, etc.), comes together to gently “tap” (on the arm)  our historical person to life. Because Hudson, MA, is about to celebrate its 150th birthday in 2016, students will be given an opportunity to include some locally well-known historical figures – people that helped shape the community they call home.

Target Audience: Middle School

Strand Identification: U.S. History, World History