Civic Learning and Civic Engagement in the 21st Century

nerc46-presbannerTuesday, Brookfield, 8:30–10:15

Civic Learning and Civic Engagement in the 21st Century

Roger Desrosiers, President of the Massachusetts Center for Civic Education and MA State Coordinator for the We the People program and former History/Government teacher

Keri Pitcher, MA District Coordinator for Project Citizen, (Congressional District #01) and History and Social Studies teacher at Minnechaug Regional High School

This clinic features two programs which bookend important civic education goals: civic learning (content) and civic engagement (process).

The We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution program emphasizes the principles and values of government through interactive activities and culminating with a simulated congressional hearing. Project Citizen helps students to learn how to monitor and influence public policy at state and local governmental levels. Both programs promote civic skills such as civility, listening, collaboration as well as critical thinking and problem solving activities. Each teacher receives a textbook for each program.

Target Audience: Upper Elementary, Middle School, High School

Strand Identification: Civics/Government, U.S. History