Integrating U.S. and World History–A High School’s Three Year Course Sequence

Todd Wallingford, Tim Reinhardt, Leah Vivirito, Mary Beth Cashman, Hudson High School, Hudson, MA

Wednesday 2:30 – 3:30pm – Brookfield


In this session, teachers from Hudson High School share their experiences developing and teaching a sequence of courses that integrate U.S. and World History. Session participants learn about scholarly work and resources that informed and inspired this transnational and comparative approach to globalizing U.S. History instruction. Teachers share curricular documents and a wide variety of lessons and performance assessments, from role plays and decision-making exercises to DBQs and World Fair projects.

Target Audience: High School, Teacher Training/Certification, Administrators/Department Heads

Strand Identification: U.S. History, World History, International Studies

Materials and Resources: