How to Write and Publish Your Own Customized Textbook in a Nutshell

Monday 11:15 Room B-2

Presenter: Jeremy Rogers, Frontier Regional School
Tired of using standard textbooks with all their irrelevancies or those old photocopied packets? Having just written and published an affordable 420 color page specialized text using the “Espresso” on demand printing machine, here are ideas to easily create custom textbooks. I will discuss the complexity of preparing text, illustrations, copyright, permissions, and tips for the preparation of the manuscript, formatting, consistency, fonts, file types, ISBN number and financing. It is a comprehensive look at how to customize your own class text.

Target Audience: All

Subject Area

  • U.S. History
  • The Arts
  • Geography

Session Materials
Book Flier
Handouts (PDF)
Sample Template (Word doc)