The Cuban Missile Crisis: How to Respond?

Tuesday 10:00 – JFK Learning Center

Presenter: Nina Tisch, John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum

One of the most popular Kennedy-era topics for high school curricula is the study of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Though many simulations are available online and through various publications, the Kennedy Library can offer its unique resources for teachers who are looking for a new way to approach this event.
Teachers will get a hands-on workshop in which they consider some of the options discussed by JFK’s advisors regarding how the U.S. might respond to the installation of Soviet missiles in Cuba, what groups and which individuals supported each option, and the respective pros and cons of the alternatives. They will also learn how to access some of the rich online resources that are available in different locations throughout our website.

Target Audience: High School

Subject Areas: Civics/Government, U.S. History