A Season of Crises: JFK and the 1962 Sino-Indian Border Conflict

Monday, 1:30 p.m.-3:00 p.m., Learning Center Classroom, Kennedy Library

Presenter: Nancy McCoy, John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum

In the midst of the Cuban Missile Crisis, a second crisis loomed large for the Kennedy administration: the Sino-Indian conflict. In this session, explore how JFK faced this crisis involving the CIA in Tibet, rising tensions with Pakistan and the Sino-Indian border war. Go behind-the-scenes through eyes-only letters, a secret oval office recording and other primary sources to uncover this rarely told story. Learn about First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy’s role in the diplomatic arena with India and Pakistan. And, discover the decision-making that helped shape the balance of power, alliance structure, and arms race still in effect in Asia today.

Target Audience

  • High School

Subject Area

  • US History II
  • World History