Student Led Civic Project Workshop

12/09/2019 all-day
John Adams Courthouse
1 Pemberton Square
MA 02108
Ellen Barber-Morse

A Student Led Project
When is the next workshop?
December 9, 2019

John Adams Courthouse
Lunch Included
Workshop Fee $100.00

To register, or for more information, please contact:
Massachusetts Coordinator
Ellen Barber-Morse: 617-686-5609

Only 16 participants can be accommodated

*25 PDPs are available upon completion of Project

What is Project Citizen?

Project Citizen is a civic education program that promotes competent and responsible participants in state and local government. It actively engages students in learning how to monitor and influence public policy and encourages civic participation among students, their parents, and members of the community.

As a class project, students work together to identify and study a public policy issue, eventually developing an action plan to persuade authorities to adopt their policy. The final product is a portfolio displaying each group’s work. Students fully engage because the project is student driven and authentic.

In a culminating activity, the class presents its portfolio in a simulated legislative hearing, demonstrating their knowledge and understanding of how public policy is formulated. Classes also present their portfolios in the state showcase with other schools.

An outstanding cross curriculum project stressing researching, summarizing, public speaking, persuasive writing and arguing. Also the project develops 21st century skills.

The Textbook
Project Citizen includes a process oriented instructional guide (2 levels available including Spanish, Level 1). The teacher’s guide includes directions for leading the class through the five step process and developing a portfolio. It also contains instructions and evaluation procedures for conducting a simulated legislative hearing. The Project may be used in elementary classroom, middle school team or as a senior project.

About the Workshop

This active hands-on workshop is intended for grade 5-12 teachers.
• Elementary ELA and SS
• ESL – All grades
• Middle School Teams
• High School
• Special Education
It features lesson demonstrations and a chance for participants to experience the program as their students would. It also includes advice and handouts on how to implement the program in classrooms and youth groups. Participants will receive PDP’s
upon completion of Project. As well as:
• Lessons and handouts for each step of the process
• Resources for teaching
• One level of Project Citizen sample text
• Opportunity to participate in State Showcase, May 29, 2020
• Correlations with the new Massachusetts frameworks in civics, history/social science, language arts
• On going support from state coordinator

Project Citizen Outcomes

• Skills and knowledge to be an effective citizen
• Students value project’s authentic work
• Practical experience that empowers students and fosters a sense of competence
• Develops an understanding of the importance of citizen participation
• The internalization of democratic values and principles through practice
• Students accept responsibilities for their own learning and become independent learners
• Students learn to make their own decisions
• Students learn to budget their time and develop task commitment
• Students learn problem solving skills,
• Reinforce…extend…and transfer academic skills
• They learn to work as a team

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