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Chasing the Nightbird

Like the sailors’ rope bracelets I wore all summer, my childhood memories of New England are tinged with salt air and seawater. I had no idea how fortunate I was to live in a place so steeped in history. Though born less than 20 miles from Boston Harbor, where the literal steeping of British tea […]

Nuclear War and Nuclear Energy: Connecting Past and Present

By Lauren Arvidson Hingham High School 3-23-2012 With the recent one year anniversary of the 2011 earthquake and Fukushima Daiichi nuclear crisis in Japan, I integrated discussion of these events with my World History and US History lessons on nuclear weapons and the end of World War II. My interest in these current events in […]

Tic-Tac-Toe: Cold War

This is a great lesson activity for a heterogeneous classroom, which allows students of varying learning abilities to elect or choose engaging lesson activities on the Cold War. Submitted by Gorman Lee, Braintree Public School