Continuing a “Dialogue’ with the DESE

In early May I wrote a letter to Commissioner Chester about the state of SS in Massachusetts, and he responded on May 21, directing me to communicate with Julia Phelps and Susan Wheltle at the DESE from that time forward. I then sent Ms. Phelps and Ms. Wheltle the following letter, but have received no […]

Letter from Comm. of Education Mitchell Chester troubling and yet…

I recently submitted a letter to Commissioner Chester and the DESE Board voicing our concern for the state of SS in Massachusetts Schools. He responded stating that he, Education Secretary Reveille, and the Board all support SS and he cited several examples. [both letters are posted on the MCSS website] I can not agree with […]

Advocating for the Social Studies

The Massachusetts Council for the Social Studies works steadily to promote the social studies in the classrooms of Massachusetts Schools. Here is a recent exchange of letters between Norm Schacochis, President of MCSS and the Massachusetts Commissioner of Education, Mitchell Chester, Ed.D May 1, 2012 Dear Commissioner, Recently NEA President Dennis Van Roekel stated in […]

Testimony to the Department of Education

Testimony by Robert Kostka, MCSS member and President 2011-2012, to Board of Primary and Secondary Education, January, 2012. Last year, someone from the Mass. Council for the Social Studies appeared before you every month to emphasize the importance of including Social Studies as an MCAS tested subject. Though your rhetoric was supportive, the net result […]

Letter to Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

To: DESE – February 28, 2012 From: Norm Shacochis, President-elect, Mass. Council for the Social Studies (MCSS) The current General Assembly of Virginia is considering a law to eliminate third and fifth grade Standards in Science and Social Studies (Senate Bill 185). This legislation on the surface appears to be a positive move toward acknowledging […]