Business and History: Learning about China!

What comes to mind when you think of China? Google? The Silk Road? Gore Vidal? Herman Cain? Whatever your motivation for increasing your knowledge of the world’s most populated nation, the China History Podcast will not disappoint. Last spring, as I was preparing to teach a unit on modern Chinese history, I was fortunate to come across “The China History Podcast.”

Mr. Laszlo Montgomery has produced an accessible Chinese history website, including images and lectures which are rich in analysis and interpretation. Montgomery’s unique expertise comes from his fluency in Mandarin and his years of international business experience living in China. He punctuates his lectures with helpful and interesting explanations of Chinese proverbs and pronunciations.

His Deng Xiaoping eight lecture series is inspiring…it weaves in coverage of Ezra Vogel’s recent biography of this pivotal leader. Montgomery puts out the lectures at a rate of 3 or 4 a month! It’s a pleasure to listen to his enthusiastic appreciation of Chinese civilization; please join me in congratulating him on the approach of the publication of his 100th podcast!

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  1. Lauren Arvidson says

    My teaching colleague, Mr. Ben Louchheim, pointed me to this related article on NPR about the state of US-China business relations.

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