NERC Award Nominations Needed


Every year the MCSS Awards Committee puts out a call for Award Nominations, and every year we are surprised by how few nominations are actually submitted. With Social Studies Education facing such a challenging time, why do we not seize the opportunity to celebrate the good things we do and the good people who do them?! Nominate someone you know or know of, and let their school system know about the nomination. NERC 44 is just 4 months away, and it is time to nominate your colleagues for some richly deserved awards. Please consider the list below:


  • The William Spratt Awards for:
  • Excellence in Teaching Secondary SS
  • Excellence in Teaching Middle School SS


  • Barbara Capron Award for Excellence in Teaching Elementary SS
  • Charles Mitsakos Award for Outstanding Supervisor
  • John Riley Award for Excellence in Teaching Geography
  • George Watson Award for Excellence in Teaching Economics
  • Richard Aieta Award for the Outstanding New Teacher
  • Don Salvucci Award for Excellence in Promoting Civic Education

Receiving an award gives a genuine boost to one’s career, and over the years many deserving recipients have known the satisfaction of being recognized for a job well done. It is truly a benefit just to be nominated, as each school system shares pride in the knowledge that their educators are doing a great job.

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