NCSS National Convention Coming to Boston in 2014

NCSS National Conference Update


November 21-23, 2014 seems a long way off, but yet for the NCSS National Convention and those dates in Boston, it is right around the corner. The Conference’s theme is Let Freedom Ring! The Civic Mission of Our Schools and NCSS has already contracted with the Hynes Convention Center and the Sheraton Hotel to host the event (we will also be using the Marriott and Westin hotels, as they are all connected via sheltered walkways and malls).


The chairs of Boston 2014 are Michelle Herczog from California and Norm Shacochis from Massachusetts. Preliminary meetings have been held in Seattle at last year’s National Conference and again in St. Louis at the end of our own NERC Conference week. And so it is time for all of MCSS, all of New England, and all Social Studies educators and advocates to begin considering how they might help, might be involved, and might contribute and gain from the NCSS Conference in Boston.


I will be seeking 2 Local Arrangement Co-Chairs to oversee many roles and committees. The great amount of the “heavy lifting” is taken care of by NCSS staff and by the Program Planning Committee while the Local Arrangements Committee is asked to concentrate on staffing the conference with a team of volunteers (from HS students to college students to classroom teachers), directing presenters and speakers throughout the Convention Center, and generally making the conference experience pleasurable and positive for all our attendees. The following committees will each have 1-2 chairs and they will coordinate their volunteer teams:

Facilitators: the largest need – this committee oversees all presentations, distributes and collects evaluation form, checks that rooms are set up properly, and take tickets for all ticketed events.

Registration: a large group will be needed to stuff conference bags prior to the conference, and then a smaller group will staff the Registration area during the conference, with the greatest need on Friday and Saturday mornings.

Hospitality: this committee sells Boston! The tours will be set up by NCSS, but attendees will be coming to the Hospitality table for directions, suggestions, and where the tours are and which might be recommended. It is necessary to attend the St. Louis Conference to represent Boston and distribute Visitor literature.

Exhibitors/Vendors: will check in all vendors & exhibitors and tend to the needs of them as they are spending a considerable sum to be at the conference.

Tours: serve as part of the Hospitality Committee; all tours are set up by NCSS after hearing from this group in April 2014.

Social Events: suggest to NCSS some unique Boston themed events that may be fun and exciting.

Outreach/Publicity: contact local school districts, universities and provide information about Professional Development accountability.

Students Living Social Studies (SLSS):  recruit teachers/students/schools to present innovative SS lessons or activities/projects in a designated open area of the conference


This is a great opportunity for Massachusetts and New England to shine. We have much to be proud of, much to benefit from, and much to learn as the life-long-learners we all profess and seek to be. I will be calling on many of you, but please call on me to let me know how you can and will serve. This will be a great adventure for us all.


  1. Phil Jones says

    I am interested in SSLS, students living social studies. Where can i find out more about it?
    Thank you,
    Phillip Jones

    • Algot Runeman says

      I had good luck getting links by entering “students living social studies” in quotation marks. I found several references that way.

      One link described it this way, “The Students Living Social Studies exhibition gives students a chance to show educators projects that showcased their engagement with social studies outside of the classroom.”

      Perhaps someone else will know more and leave a comment, too.

  2. I am interested in presenting with a current member of NCSS for 2014. I am now retired, and not a member. May I attend and present with the current member? If so, what would the cost/procedure be?
    Dr. Donna Love Vliet

  3. Amy Vaites says

    Good Day!
    I am interested in attending the NCSS Conference in Boston. The site reads it is held November 21-23, 2014. However, the workshops are listed as November 19th and 20th. Is the conference being held November 19-23?
    Thanks for your time!!

    • Norm Shacochis says

      Sessions on 11/19 & 20 are CUFA (college faculties) and NSSSA (supervisors assn) but there some other sessions (for an extra fee) on those dates as well. Primary session days are Friday 11/21-Sunday 11/23

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