Full STEAM Ahead?

Is your school or district looking ever more intensely at STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) centric course offerings with Common Core overtones? Has the art department begun their argument that it should be called STEAM because the arts, after all, are at the center of creativity.

Are social studies offerings falling outside the “preferred” list?

History is the story of the makers of our modern world. “Makers” is the key word there.

There is a current movement, one supported by technology, the information shared on the Internet and open hardware and software. It is called the “Maker Movement” and is a relatively unstructured combination of all sorts of people doing projects which build something. It isn’t a corporate effort. It is designed for participation, sharing and creative effort.


Will your social studies class sit at the sidelines if STEM begins to dominate?

What can you DO about it? DO, make, engage, create. Don’t just huddle in your department meetings complaining to the department head.

What part does the social studies play in getting active and making? You tell me.

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