President’s Message – Remembering Janna

Farewell to A Grand Lady

The MCSS, NCSS, and Social Studies educators everywhere lost one of our greatest friends this past July 2 with the passing of Janna Bremer. Janna was so significant in our world of SS. In the Mass Council, National Council, South Shore Council, and in the 5S supervisors group, her contributions were beyond expression, and her service and friendship dwarfed all other contributions. She was truly our Grand Lady of Social Studies. No words can ever do Janna’s work, service, and heart true justice but we all fully and genuinely know that those who knew her were the beneficiaries of great wisdom, energy, and calm. And those who did not know Janna received those same benefits, as her influence was spread across a broad horizon. To paraphrase Henry Adams,  a teacher affects eternity; [s]he can never tell where her/his influence stops and Janna’s influence went far beyond those who knew her directly, worked with her directly, and experienced her passionate love of the Social Studies.

Janna was a past-president of MCSS and an active (and pro-active) member of MCSS and NCSS for many years. Her insight and experience brought to light many issues and paths of addressing those issues. More than that however, she instilled in everyone else a sense of confidence, a sense of being able to accomplish great things. Janna never settled for less than her own best effort and demonstrated to all of us that we could and should – NO! We HAD to!! – do the same. Imagine the impact if we all followed through with Janna’s mission. And her great blessing upon the profession is that she did get many others to follow her lead.

Janna, we never could thank you enough in this life as a friend, a leader, as a role model. May you rest in peace, and may we not disappoint you as we attempt to carry the torch you so beautifully lifted high.

To Janna Bremer – the true Grand Lady of Social Studies.