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I (Anna Sorrentino) just wanted to share with you information about our newest release at Disney Educational Productions, They Spoke Out. We are offering this title to you at a special price of just $9.99. Please click here for a full program description.

Whether you are interested in our American Presidents, Elections, Colonial America, Black History, Women’s Rights, the Civil War, and many other topics, our Social Studies selections are perfect for classroom use. All fit into a classroom period. All come with extensive downloadable teaching materials and Public Performance Rights. Each DVD is only $29.99

Below is a complete list of our currently available Social Studies DVD’s. For a description of each DVD, visit our website and enter the DVD name on the left hand side of the screen. If you are ordering on the website, please use my name. You may also contact me directly if you would like place your order over the phone or if you need quote for a PO#. I am here to assist you.

Schoolhouse Rock: America
Schoolhouse Rock: Election Collections
American Presidents (4 DVDs)
America’s Hear & Soul
Anne Frank
Ben & Me
Boy in the Striped Pajamas
Caught Cheating
China Emerging
Civil Rights Movement: ABC News (5 DVDs)
Cold War: ABC News (5 DVDs)
Colonial America: History Connections
Color of Friendship
Ernest Green Story
Fundamentalism & Terrorism: ABC News (5 DVDs)
Johnny Tremain
Life is Beautiful
Little House on the Prairie
Loretta Claiborne
Miracle at Midnight
North Korea: ABC News
One More Mountain
Ruby Bridges
Selma, Lord, Selma
Women’s Rights Movement: ABC News (2 DVDs)
World Economy: ABC News (3 DVDs)

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