Sons of the American Revolution History Programs


Introducing the
Massachusetts Society of the Sons of the American Revolution History Programs

Since its founding in 1889, the Sons of the American Revolution has promoted historic preservation, education, and patriotism across the nation. Through a variety of programs, scholarships, and awards for youth, the society has something to offer to each student.

As part of a national effort, the Massachusetts Society supports six contests to help youth think creatively about the principles of our nation, including a poster contest, essay contest, orations contest, Eagle Scout Scholarship, recognitions for ROTC, and a scholarship for educators.

All contests have cash awards of $100-500 from the Massachusetts Society. State winners are entered in the National Contest with awards of $1,000-8,000. Please see our website for more information at All students and teachers are invited to participate in the programs.

Highlights include:

American History Teacher Award

The Tom and Betty Lawrence American History Teacher Award recognize an individual whose outstanding instruction on the era of the Revolutionary War demonstrates exceptional accomplishments in the classroom. The winner receives a trip to Freedoms Foundation Summer Teacher Graduate Workshop at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.

Elementary School Poster Contest

Our National Americanism Poster Contest is for students in the 3rd, 4th or 5th grades (depending on when the American Revolution is taught in each school). The topic for the contest is set each spring for the following school year. Posters are judged by representatives of the National Art Education Association (NAEA).

Historical Oration Contest

The Joseph S. Rumbaugh Historical Oration Contest encourages students to explore the influence of the Revolutionary war on present day America. It is open to students in parochial, public, or private high schools in their sophomore, junior or senior year of study.

Historical Essay Contest

This George S. & Stella M. Knight Essay Contest provides students an opportunity to explore events that shaped American History through an essay with original research on an event, person, philosophy or ideal of the Colonial American. It is open to all high school sophomore, juniors, and seniors.


We hope that you will consider participating in these programs. Thank you for your commitment to American history.


Michael E. Fishbein

Michael E. Fishbein, President
Massachusetts Society
Sons of the American Revolution