Inside the White House Situation Room

Dear Fellow Educator,

Given the news in the Middle East, is happy to pass along the following lessons about the American response to ISIS and the Syrian Refugee crisis. Written by teachers, for teachers, all materials are ready-to-go for class tomorrow.  Likewise, each offers outreach activities that allow your students to take informed action to repair the world. Please feel free to pass them along through your network.Thanks so much for your assistance and support.

Andrew Beiter


Inside the Situation Room in the White House: The Threat of ISIS

Have your class get engaged about the human rights situation in Iraq and Syria by becoming the national security team in the Situation Room of the White House. Choose a President, analyze an intelligence video on the dangers of ISIS, then decide a course of action.  As the teacher, you’ll become the Chief of Staff, leading the meeting and guiding its discussion.   After, get involved with outreach activities to assist Syrian refugees. All materials are ready-to-go, allowing you to begin today.

Teaching about the Refugee Crisis in Syria:

This site will allow your students to learn more about the refugee crisis in Syria, what it’s like for young people, and most importantly, what your class can do to help. Its user-friendly design lets you easily pick-and-choose what you’d like for a one period class—while allowing your students the capability of exploring on their own in the computer lab. After, cultivate your students’ reading and writing skills by assigning a Common Core-aligned assignment on the plight of Syrian children living in refugee camps—produced by teachers for use in your classroom tomorrow. They can be used as supplements to the Teach Syria materials that were co-produced with Syria Deeply. Click here to begin!

Have your students take action to be part of the solution:

One of the dangers of modern media is that students may think that the world is a horrible place that is too big to do anything about. To prevent this misconception, we encourage you to involve your class in one of several outreach activities that will help Syrian refugees. Doing so will empower them to be agents of change and hope. Your students will become who you are—show them that their actions can help repair the world! Get started today by clicking here.