Cultural Jambalaya

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially in the classrooms of America’s youth.


Gail Shore, founder of Cultural Jambalaya, has solo-trekked for over 40 years, photographing some of the most culturally unique places on the planet. Her self-funded experiences have resulted in the production of national award-winning educational videos that serve as a creative teaching tool to broaden world views of students. Just one of the unique highlights of this nonprofit is that it offers its videos and study guides for FREE to break down cultural barriers by focusing on our cultural similarities as well as our differences.

Improved cultural understanding is critically important in our classrooms, in our communities and in our society.  I am hoping you will consider a story about this one-of-a-kind nonprofit, which is helping to ignite discussion and critical thinking in the classroom to help shatter stereotypes.  Cultural Jambalaya believes the more we know about each others’ background, history and religion, the more respectful we can become of one another.

Here are a few links that will give you a better idea of what Cultural Jambalaya is all about.

45-second introduction video

Brief trailer to Latin America series


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