Federal Reserve Lesson Kit

The Federal Reserve is often in the news, yet few Americans understand “The Fed’s” role in our economy.

I wanted to let you know about a great teaching resource that educators can get without cost. You order from the link below to provide your mailing address and the kit arrives.

Get a Free Copy of the “What We Do at the Federal Reserve” Teaching Kit.


This kit is a professionally-designed lesson plan produced by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. It is suitable for high school government, social studies, personal finance and economics classes.

Kit Helps Explain Concepts Like Inflation and Monetary Policy

The kit is designed to give teachers hands-on activities to explain the role of the Fed. The kit’s curriculum guide emphasizes key points teachers can highlight while studying topics like how prices, inflation and ultimately monetary policy affect our economy.

The kit includes a curriculum guide, a movie and classroom presentation on a CD, plus a bag of “Fed Shreds” to support conversations around money supply and what happens to old money.

To have a complimentary kit shipped or to learn more, go to: http://www.dynamindspublishing.com/free/fed.html Just provide your shipping address – that’s all. Allow three weeks for arrival.