The Big History Project

nerc46-presbannerTuesday, Seminar II, 8:30–10:15

The Big History Project: Examining Our Past to Explain Our Present and Imagine Our Future

Scott Hendstrand, Brooklyn Collaborative Studies, Brooklyn NY
Mitch Bickman, Oceanside High School, Oceanside NY
David Burzillo, The Rivers School, Weston MA

This clinic, led by classroom teachers, provides hands-on experience with the Big History Project (BHP). BHP is a free, online history course for middle and high school students. It weaves evidence and insights about the universe and our place in it from many scientific and historical disciplines into a unified and coherent narrative. BHP explains how we are connected to everything around us and where we may be heading. It provides a foundation for thinking about the future and the changes that are reshaping our world. BHP is a complete curriculum consisting of engaging lessons, activities, videos, readings and writings that help students make connections from our history to other disciplines, life experiences, world events and the future—in the classroom and beyond.

Target Audience: Middle, High School

Strand Identification: World History, Literature, Technology