NERC46 – Wednesday April 6


The links lead to individual sessions which are derived from the conference preview booklet (pdf format). The booklet contains the complete three day schedule and information about Monday and the keynote speakers. This page and the similar one for Tuesday offer you more information about the individual sessions to help you plan for NERC46 (April 4-6, 2016).

You may also explore the sessions by their tracks or “strands.”

The final booklet will also contain these descriptions, but here you can get a preliminary look at the session details.

(The sessions are subject to change. Use these linked pages as a guide to your conference experience.)

Wednesday Clinic Sessions – 9:30–11:30

Engaging Students in Contested Issues: The Choices ApproachSeminar I
Mapping the Course to Cross Disciplinary Collaboration in Social Studies and Science Using the Interactive Student Notebook – Seminar II
The Arab Israeli Conflict and Peace Process – Sturbridge Room (
Moved from Monday)
Using Music as a Critic Primary Source in Inquiry-Based Lessons and Units – Cancelled

Wednesday Afternoon Session 1 – 1:00-2:00

P3: Philosophy, Psychology, and Pop CultureDanforth
The Economics of Horace Mann – Teaching How Public Education Was Sold to AmericaSturbridge
Environmental Challenges and Cooperation in the Middle EastBrimfield
Eyes on the Prize: Then and NowAbbingon
Freedom Field Trip: Writing and Presenting Abolitionist Speeches at Boston’s African Meeting HouseCheshire
From Backroom Deals to Scripted Ceremony: National Party ConventionsBrookfield
Mapping My Community with ArcGIS OnlineSeminar II
Senator for a Day: Fostering Civic EngagementSeminar I
Supporting and Assisting New History/Social Studies Teachers  – Charlton
Teaching About Boston’s History of Busing and School DesegregationSeminar I
Turning the “Dreaded” History Project into a Primary Source Adventure – Executive

Wednesday Afternoon Session 2 – 2:30-3:30

Community Connections: Inquiry in Our Town, State, and RegionBrimfield
Digital Maps for Visual Learning in the Social SciencesAbbington
Integrating U.S. and World History–A High School’s Three Year Course SequenceBrookfield
Senator for a Day: Fostering Civic EngagementSeminar I
The Living BiographySeminar II
Using Tech to ConnectExecutive