2020 Northeast Regional Virtual Conference for the Social Studies

Preparing Our Students to Hold “The Office of Citizen”

How the conference works

PRE-REGISTRATION – Everyone who attends all or part of NERCVirtual 2020 must register to participate. This includes program committee members, council officers, presenters, and staff. Participation to keynote sessions, webinars, and workshops are FREE to all attendees. The registration fee for master classes is $20 per class. The registration deadline to any keynote, webinar, or workshop session is the Thursday prior to the scheduled day of the session.

Click on this link to view the master schedule and register.

CERTIFICATES OF ATTENDANCE – Certificates of Attendance are available. In order to obtain a certificate of attendance, teacher participants must first complete an anonymous session feedback form at the conclusion of the session. When teachers submit their anonymous feedback, they will then be taken to a copy of the session’s certificate of attendance, where they can download and print for their records. The certificate of attendance is simply proof of attendance.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT POINTS (PDPs) – Teachers who wish to obtain ten (10) Massachusetts Professional Development Points (PDPs) must pay a registration fee of $30. Teachers outside of Massachusetts who wish to obtain professional development credit should make an inquiry to their respective Social Studies State Council organization.

Payment by credit card or PayPal is strongly recommended. There is a processing fee of $25 for payment via purchase order. All participants, MCSS officers, NERCVirtual planning committee members, presenters, and conferees are required to pay the registration fees.

Click here to register for PDPs.

EMAIL CONFIRMATION – Teachers will receive an email confirming the session(s) they have enrolled. A confirmation email will contain the link to the ZOOM live web meeting and the passcode (password) to access the meeting room. A reminder email will be sent either the evening prior or day of the scheduled session.

If you have any questions, you may reach Kathleen Babini, Robert Powers, or Gorman Lee.

October 4 and 5 Kick-Off Keynote Sessions!

We kicked off NERCVirtual 2020 with a great lineup of keynote speakers – Ken C. Davis, David Hudson, Dan Osborn, L’Merchie Frazier, Robert Cordy, and Barbara Berenson! We recorded each of our keynote sessions and posted them here on our website, as well as on our Facebook page and YouTube Channel, (please subscribe!) where we will upload any workshops and webinars later this month.

Sponsors and Partners

If you wish to sponsor NERCVirtual, please click here.