EarthView: World Beyond Borders

Originally presented on November 2, 2020

Presenters and moderators:

Dr. James Hayes-Bohanan & Dr.  Vernon Domingo
Bridgewater State University Department of Geography
Featuring Kevin Bean & Moderator Andrea Weng

EarthView has been part of in-person NERC on several occasions and will be
back at the next in-person NERC. Meanwhile, this workshop will feature a virtual visit
and a discussion of the insights we have gained from teaching with a giant globe!


This workshop begins with a virtual field trip to EarthView, a 20-foot, inflatable globe that serves as a portable classroom for social studies, geography, earth science and more — any discipline that benefits from a global or regional perspective. The field trip will include presentations made both outside the globe and inside (drones may be involved) and on some of the continental and Massachusetts floor maps that comprise the EarthMap portion of the program. 

Following the field trip, we will reflect on what we have learned from the twelve years we have spent (so far) using these large-scale maps with well over 100,000 students, educators, and the general public. Finally, we will share resources for exploring patterns and connections — human, physical and environmental — at a global scale using resources available for remote learning on flat screens. The workshop will model the use of maps to learn about the spatial dimensions of such topics as water scarcity, climate change, wildfire, migration, and both the causes and consequences of Coronavirus spread.

EarthView site, including program information, reservations, and fees: 

Vernon Domingo is Professor Emeritus of Geography and James Hayes-Bohanan is Professor of Geography, both at Bridgewater State University in southeastern Massachusetts. Vernon’s main areas of teaching and research have been political geography, the geography of Africa, and the geography of access to water. James has specialized in environmental geography, the geography of Latin America, and the geographies of coffee.

Both Vernon and James have long been active in the preparation of future teachers, the continuing education of in-service teachers, and advocacy for geography education. Since 2008, they have been more directly involved in K-12 education as co-coordinators of Project EarthView, bringing them into contact with thousands of students and scores of teachers each year. The two giant globes and seven National Geographic floor maps have been used by almost 120,000 geography learners to date, from infancy to infinity.


Courtesy of Zoom, a recording of the full 2-hour webinar (see below): a virtual field trip of our EarthView globe and floor maps, followed by discussion and online resources.

On YouTube, the play list of the field trip: the segments of the field trip we watched during the webinar, separated into individual YouTube videos, each with its own description. These are recommended for sharing pieces of the experience with students. This also includes testimonials from teachers who have been part of our program; these can be used when seeking support for our EarthView programs in your own school.

And finally, the Google Slides we shared in the last part of our program. These do not have our voice-over commentaries, but they include a lot of clickable links to resources you can use at home or in your classroom.

  • Please visit or call 508-531-2575 to arrange for an EarthView, EarthMap, or EarthView Institute program at your school.

Please complete the session feedback survey. Upon submitting feedback you will then be able to download a certificate of attendance for your records.

EarthView visits to the Massachusetts State House each Earth Week have been a key part of our promotion of geography education among legislators. These visits usually follow the Boston Marathon by just a few days, so they are also opportunities to engage with a particularly global assortment of tourists.
In 2018, we acquired EarthView II. This has greatly increased the flexibility of scheduling our EarthView team, which includes some terrific alumni of our BSU Geography program. It also gives us more opportunities to lend a globe to in-service teachers who have completed our EarthView Institute training programs.
NERC Keynoter Ken Davis — author of Don’t Know Much About Geography —  inside EarthView at the 2014 NERC, telling Professor Hayes-Bohanan that the inflatable globe “is a big, giant, question-generating machine!”

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